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Maryan Mehlhorn
Swimwear | Bikini | Swimsuits | Noosa | Sunshine Coast | Blue Heaven Noosa | Shan
Swimwear | Bikini | Swimsuits | Noosa | Sunshine Coast | Blue Heaven Noosa | Watercult
Swimwear | Bikini | Swimsuits | Noosa | Sunshine Coast | Blue Heaven Noosa | Lidea

All about our swimwear

Our swimwear collections are selected for their unique look and fit which sets them apart from other brands in the marketplace.

Why we buy our swimwear from Germany or Canada? Today, ideas travel around the world faster than ever before. Countries and industries need to separate themselves from doing a lot of things moderately well to instead, doing a few things exceptionally well.

Germany is a country renowned for their superior design skills, especially in cars, manufacturing, and technology. Being a land-locked country hasn’t slowed them down.

The German company Maryan Beachwear Group was established in the world of lingerie in the 1950’s. As times changed and bras went in and out of fashion, the bikini arrived and from there, swimwear was a natural progression for this family company with Maryan Mehlhorn head of design.

Although a lot younger in the world of high fashion swimwear, Canadian brand Shan’s success has been due to their superior design techniques and unrelenting passion for quality. Their look has the inherit French flair for style and elegance.

Both Shan and Maryan Mehlhorn remain true to their heritage, winning accolades in the fashion world and campaigning for women to look and feel beautiful in their garments.

Things you should know about our swimwear

Fitting Guide to Swimsuits

Choosing the correct size and the right cup size is crucial to get a great fit in swimwear, so that’s where we start.

Many of us are guilty of wearing a bra that doesn’t do us any favours. You might be able to get away with that in your day to day wardrobe, but in swimwear, you can’t.

At Blue Heaven Noosa, we choose our swimwear collections for their outstanding fit and design. The collections we select incorporate a comprehensive range of shapes and cuts to flatter any body shape. When helping you to find the right fit, we take into consideration your height, body shape, and your bra cup size. This allows us to determine the best styles for you to try on.

Visit our FAQ page for further tips on sizing and caring for your swimsuit.

Our Swimwear Labels

Each of our designer swimwear labels offer something a little different and unique.

Whether you like to swim in the ocean, dip in a plunge pool, read a good book under a palm tree, or you just want to let the sand filter between your toes, you’ll find the perfect swimsuit at Blue Heaven Noosa. Our quality designer swimwear will have you looking and feeling fabulous for all your endless summer activities!

Maryan Mehlhorn

At Blue Heaven Noosa we take a genuine interest in you, and creating the best look for your figure in a swimsuit. We have done the hard work selecting the styles that fit and flatter all our different shapes, so that buying a swimsuit is a positive experience with us.

We are available to discuss your needs, thoughts, colours, styles, and expectations so that we both achieve the best outcome – a happy customer!