How to Have a Successful Swimwear Shopping Experience

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Start early, start fresh.

A light and healthy breakfast will give you strength and confidence for a good day.

Get your foundations right.

Trying on swimwear can be made easy if you wear simple clothing to slip in and out of. Forget the Nanna-knickers today, wear your best “nude” underwear for a seamless silhouette under that swimsuit.

Have a positive mindset.

There’s nothing like going into something kicking and screaming, and for many women that is their swimwear shopping reality. Trying on swimwear should be in a stress-free location. Get Hubby or Grandma to take the kids for an hour to let you have some me-time.

Shop on your own or with someone you trust.

Let’s face it, subjecting your partner or children to swimwear shopping can be a double-edged sword, neither party wants to be there and all you want a reassuring second opinion from someone you trust. More often the unwilling “helper” says yes to the second swimsuit you try to get the job done and out of the shop. It’s not that they don’t love you, but swimwear shopping is inherently on the no-go list for most family members.

On the flip-side many people feel sales assistants are only there to “sell”. A good sales person will listen to your requirements about the fit and style, then present the best options available to you. Their opinion, service and advice should be delivered without feeling pressured to buy.

At Blue Heaven Noosa, our sales people will help make sure your swimwear shopping experience is a great one.