New Arrivals

Look out for our new arrivals in swimwear

At Blue Heaven Noosa we schedule our deliveries to follow the European release dates for our brands (Maryan Mehlhorn, Shan,Watercult, and Lidea). We always have the most up-to-date styles available for our customers.

In September, we offer “Preview” a sneak-peak for the following years’ range, where colour and designs are highlighted in a mini-collection.

December/January is the first drop of the main summer range.

It’s a long hot summer in Australia (especially on the Sunshine Coast), so we flag Easter as a second delivery for continuing the main summer collections.

As the northern hemisphere moves into high summer, a third delivery in July is very important for our customers wishing to have the latest releases before their European travels.

From time to time we re-stock our Swimwear, however due to being on the other side of the world from our brands we encourage you contact us for what’s new and exciting!