Here’s some helpful FAQ’s from Blue Heaven Noosa, experts in swimwear

Finding a perfectly fitting swimsuit is easier than you think. Our swimwear is made from the highest quality materials and designed to fit and compliment ‘real’ body shapes. At Blue Heaven Noosa we understand everywoman is unique and our collections cover a wide variety of styles so that we can find the best fit for you

Visit or call us 7 days a week at our Sunshine Coast store in Noosa. You’ll find our store hours on our Contact Us page.

We do that together! We can go by the recommendation from our size conversion chart or, preferably, to help us find the best swimsuit we need to ask you a few questions.

* Lifestyle - what do you do in your swimwear? e.g lay by the pool, playwith the kids on the beach.
* Age, hair colour, skin tone
* Clothing size, bra size
* Height, short torso, long torso

With these details we are able to determine a short-list of swimwear for you to try, instead of endlessly trying on every pair in the store. This profile makes ordering by phone or email easy, if you can’t come to Noosa - we can send it to you!

Most importantly, we do not discriminate against age – or anything for that matter - your details are (confidential) and only act as a guide on which styles are more flattering to your shape.

Yes and No! Our swimsuits can be worn in chlorinated pools. Under “normal wear” in your pool, the resort pool, or beach pool, our swimsuits are chlorine resistant. However, this resistance is reduced when the garment is exposed to heated pools or spas. A heated pool or spa, has a higher concentrate of chlorine to kill the germs that can grow in that environment, the heat will also cause the colour of the fabric to fade. We recommend that you wear an older swimsuit, not your best one, for the spa.

Swimsuits typically encounter many damaging substances; chlorine, sweat, spray tans, sun lotion, and even the UV rays from the sun. These can all be aggressive enemies of the fine elastane fibres in swimsuits, so washing your swimsuit properly after use will help keep it looking great and lasting longer.

Many people give their swimsuit a rinse only, thinking a wash may damage it. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to machine wash your swimsuit, proving you do it correctly. We recommend placing your swimsuit in a lingerie bag, on a cold-water gentle-cycle, with a mild liquid detergent (not wool wash or Softly). If your swimsuit has white or light colours a diluted laundry soap/stick can be used gently to spot clean.

Easy! Just leave it to dry flat in the shade.

Never leave your swimsuit out to dry in the sun because the sun will fade its beautiful colours. Don’t leave it crumpled and wet in your beach bag and don’t put it in a tumble drier because the elastane fibres become brittle with heat.

Sunscreen is a necessity in todays hot sun, but it’s not good for your swimsuit. This is the best way to apply your sunscreen so that it stays on your body, and not on your swimsuit.

Apply your sunscreen (lotion, cream, or spray) at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun, to allow your skin enough time to absorb it. Try to use sunscreens that are ‘dry touch’ or 'natural' formulations that have less harmful chemicals for both your skin and swimsuit.

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