Expectations vs Reality: How to Find the Perfect Fit When Buying a New Swimsuit

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Finding the perfect fitting swimsuit can be a tough ask, so if there is an easy way through this process then you definitely need to know it. We’re here to help guide you through tips and industry tricks to find the perfect fitting swimsuit for you and your body shape.


Elastane feels great on the body and helps to retain the swimsuits shape. Elastane needs to be washed thoroughly to retain its beautiful properties for as long as possible. Alternative fabrics commonly used to make swimwear are Polyester, best for intense wear in chlorine environments as it is chemical resistant and colourfast. Nylon is inexpensive to produce. Cotton was a great idea in the 70’s with the popular Crochet Bikini, but we all know what happens when cotton gets wet – no one wants a saggy bottom!

Tighter is not always Better

What goes in, must come out, and that is the case when buying swimwear! If you’re buying a race suit for the next Olympics, then you will be professionally fitted and assisted in trying the suit on as they are incredibly tight. This can be quite an intimate experience and not one we recommend. Moderation is key when finding the right size swimwear to buy. Dropping down a size will not only put pressure on the seams, it can also cut into you or create overflow that’s not naturally there. Moving up a size if you’re sensitive to pressure points or feel that you need the extra length, may result in the swimsuit being too loose in areas that cannot be adjusted – excess fabric in the bust or a baggy bum. But never fear, in most cases swimwear can be altered to fit your shape, height or length, just like your favourite pair of jeans.

Body Type

Embracing the shape, we are given is the best place to start finding the perfectly fitting swimwear. Walking past window mannequins and deciding that’s the look for you is often hard to achieve, but there is always an option within most swimwear styles that will get a similar result for your shape. Like all things in the design world, there are some rules or guidelines that will enhance your assets or disguise them, a professional swimwear sales person will always direct you towards the most flattering styles, it’s up to you to be willing to look outside the square and see what can be!


It seems obvious, but many are unaware that their lifestyle plays a huge role in what type of swimwear they should purchase. For the more active, a strapless style or tiny bikini isn’t going to be great out there in the waves. If you’re not into tan lines, you’ll probably want a strapless bandeau style to get that sun-kissed look, and that Speedo isn’t going to look too flash by the pool bar on the Cruise you booked for next year.
In the end, it really comes down to choosing what makes you feel good and what you feel confident in. Blue Heaven Noosa has a vast range of quality fabric and cuts of swimsuits to help. We’ll guide you through choosing the best swimwear to fit your shape and lifestyle.