What the colour of your swimwear says about you…

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So, you’ve chosen your swimwear and you’re ready to dazzle on the beach, but do you know what the colour of your swimwear says about you? Here are colours broken down to tell you what your colour choice means for your personality.


Most likely the number one choice in swimwear is Black. It offers the wearer an understated elegance in an environment where clothing is pretty limited. Black can slide under the radar when one wants to remain elusive or make a sophisticated impact in the swimwear stakes.


People who wear white tend to inspire confidence and clarity, minimalist in life and style while often the envy of others…. “how does she keep it so white?” You’ve got to be well organised to keep swimwear white. Sun cream must be applied and let dry before slipping into your suit and forget the raspberry sorbet, we all know where that will end up.


If your tenacious, focused and determined then chances are you’re prone to wearing red. Confidence in your sense of style, a signature colour when worn often in either clothing or accessories. A red swimsuit will announce you’ve arrived and brought a little spark to the event.


Blue is often associated with those that are reliable, sensitive to others and like to feel stability in their life. Women who choose swimwear in shades of blue are often consistent with understated elegance, in harmony with the occasion.


Considerate, loyal and frank, hues of green reflect a person sensitive to others needs. A green swimsuit embraces a fresh and live personality with a depth of awareness of their surrounds.


The elusive yellow polka dot bikini…. Finding happiness in most situations comes easily to you. Yellow is a colour we would all like to wear, but at times can be a tricky colour for many skin tones. Accessories are a great way to capture the essence of yellow in swimwear, its warmth and vibrancy.


For those who love to wear purple, chances are you have a strong sense of self assurance, a unique sense of style and a fashion or artistic flair. Purple tones are flattering on most skin types and are usually found each season in a variety of swimwear shapes.
Can’t find your colour? Blue Heaven Noosa is here to help. We’ll help match you to the perfect coloured swimwear to suit your complexion and personality.