To Bikini or not to Bikini?

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To bikini or not to bikini? That is the question. Many women wear a bikini, but should they? We are here to share the options and help you decide what’s the right swimwear for your lifestyle.

Location is Everything

To start with, the very first thing you need to consider before strutting your assets in a bikini, is the location and setting. That skimpy bikini which is great for minimal tan lines may not be the best choice if you’re heading to the beach with the grand-kids to build sandcastles, you’re on a business trip which includes a day snorkelling… catch my drift? Just like professional workwear, there are appropriate times and places to bikini and not to bikini.

There Are Many Different Types of Bikinis

In truth, for the most dedicated of bikini wearers, there are so many different cuts, styles, fabrics and designs that you can use to work in your favour. The right leg-line can elongate, a padded bust can lift, a tie-side can minimise, and a halter-top can narrow those swimmer’s shoulders. A pareo tied at the bust or sheer caftan will provide coverage while still enabling you wear your beloved swimsuit with all the appropriateness of a one piece.

It Really is All About Context

In deciding on whether or not to wear a bikini, at the end of the day it really comes down to context. When in Rome….you will find that throughout Europe, the bikini is the accepted attire for the beach. The most beautiful full bodied women embrace the opportunity of absorbing the sun’s rays in their teeny bikini and good on them for doing so. Outside of a work setting, our recommendation: rock whatever swimwear makes you feel stunning, confident and beautiful inside and out!
Blue Heaven Noosa can help you find the perfect swimsuit for your shape, and a style that will fit whatever situation you need it for.