3 Key Swimsuit Elements & What They Can Do For Your Shape

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Shopping for swimwear can be a bit like shopping for jeans, finding that perfect fit, and something you feel great in can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned shopper. Luckily, we are here to point you in the right direction. Here are three swimwear styles we love. Let us tell you why…


No matter what size you are, ruching is your friend. Forget the nay-sayers, it does not add bulk, it does not have to be thick or heavy. Swimwear with cleverly designed ruching will give you a great bust-line and an hourglass waist the envy of all poolside. Alternatively, if you need help to enhance areas, ruching can do that too!

Wide Straps

This is an illusion to be embraced. Wider straps create balance between the hips and the shoulders, helping us Pear shaped ladies appear less so. Swimwear with a wide or multi-strap will elongate the torso and narrow those stunning swimmer’s shoulders. For comfort, a wider strap is perfect for all day lounging, swimming and exceptional bust support.

Scoop Back

Swimwear designed for real women will have a scoop back that highlights the highs and conceals the bits that need to be. A scoop that supports the underarm, wide enough through the side, while not being too shallow at the back are the key to success. Sounds like a big ask but when swimwear is styled for the wearer and not a model, that’s the difference.
Blue Heaven Noosa provides styles to suit all body shapes and will help you find the perfect cut swimsuit for you.